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We team up with CPA’s, Tax Attorneys, and Estate Planning Attorneys to provide high level planning strategies and cross discipline coordination.
Finance Concierge And Profit Experts

Everybody needs somebody that can help… At Finance Cape, we function as your concierge to anything with a dollar sign. Unsure if your CPA is using every approved strategy applicable for your situation and wondering if there are ways to find out? From taxes, to estate planning, to asset protection, to expense recovery and reduction we specialize in providing the solutions typically found outside of your typical accountant or financial advisor relationship. We have spent our time building a nationwide network of specialists standing by to help you over your biggest obstacle. We can work in concert with your current advisors to increase the value received or we can build out blueprints that allow you to shop advisors and accountants with.

Our mission is to provide the high-level planning solutions typically offered on staff at Fortune 500 companies in a custom, prescription style basis, where we are only paid out of the value created! This is a no risk, no obligation, opportunity to see just how many dollars are out there for you to recover, reduce, or receive!
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Reduce Your Taxes, Keep Your CPA
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Recover & Redeuce Expenses for Forward Savings
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Only Paid Out Of Value Created!